"I was referred to Sam through my florist and I could not be more thankful! From the second I sent out my first inquiry, she was always extremely responsive, had a positive/upbeat attitude, and was genuinely there for me (and my husband on our big day). Before confirming her asmy wedding planner, I got to chat with her over coffee and tell her all about my vision; she had amazing suggestions while also making sure to listen to exactly what I wanted. I knew right away, she would be the one for me. From then on, she always followed up with me, she went over my contracts (to make sure everything was good to go with all vendors); she literally went above and beyond. The day of my wedding, I was completely stress free because I knew she was taking care of business! Everything went smoothly/perfect and my husband and I cannot thank Sam enough! Also, side note: she's very artsy and extremely talented!" -Arlyne [SLM Bride 2015]

"Samantha made all my daughter's wishes for a dream wedding a reality! This " mother of the bride" was speechless (which says a lot) at how WONDERFULLy special, thoughtful,caring, touching each detail was given. Samantha has that knack to take all the pieces of the wedding puzzle and create a masterpiece!" -Andrea [SLM Mother of the Bride 2015]

"Samantha was amazing! We hired her for the month prior to the wedding and day of the wedding. The day of the wedding went so smoothly, it was perfect. She was super attentive and helpful, I will be recommending her time and time again!" -Jenna [SLM Bride 2016]

"As a former wedding planner I know what it takes to be a great one and Samantha Louise Moments has completely blown me away. I now work as a florist and have worked on a few projects and weddings with Samantha Louise and have nothing but good words for her. It is really easy to get lost in the details of the day but Samantha is completely on top of it, responsive and helpful. She also has a great eye for design and is good at leading couples in a cohesive direction. In a world full of Pinterest this skill has now come in hand more than a few times.  From a vendors perspective, she is as nice and caring as she is organized. You can see that she puts her heart into everything she does and I think that is what sets her apart. If I could go back in time I would hire have hired her for my own wedding. And from the beginning." -Kimberly [SLM Vendor 2015]

"Samantha was my month-of coordinator for my wedding back in January 2016 and she was a LIFESAVER! I was planning my wedding from across the country, so I knew I needed the extra help of a wedding coordinator. My florist recommended Samantha, so I gave her a call. During our first phone call, I could tell how great of a person Samantha is - she is very genuine, caring, and interested in what your needs are as a bride. After our phone call, I was immediately at ease, which is the best feeling to have when planning a "destination" wedding! Over the next few months leading up to the wedding, I provided Samantha with my updated vendor lists as I made my decisions and she was quick to respond acknowledging she had received everything. A great thing about Samantha is that she provides a lot of other services beyond a coordinator (at an added cost) - calligraphy, event styling, etc., so it was nice to be able to have her put together some pretty signs for the wedding! 

Fast-forward to the week of my wedding and Samantha was my SAVIOR. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong in the days leading up to the wedding and it would have been a disaster if I didn't have Samantha. We were supposed to fly in to San Diego on the Monday prior to the wedding, but our flight got cancelled due to snow and we couldn't get on another flight until Wednesday night! Samantha went the extra mile and made sure our decorations were picked up from our caterer (we shipped them there) and did some extra things for us that we couldn't have gotten done since we weren't there. Samantha put together a very detailed timeline of the wedding day and made sure all vendors were aware of our needs from them and where and when they were needed throughout the day. She coordinated our ceremony rehearsal and herded all the cats, ensuring everyone knew where to stand in line and the timing of when people needed to walk down the aisle. On the actual wedding day, she set up all the decorations and took them all down and even brought them to our apartment so that we didn't have to worry about grabbing them from her after the fact. She had a detailed timeline of the whole wedding reception and grabbed us whenever we were needed for the cake cutting, first dance, etc. It was SO nice not having to worry an ounce about any of those logistics - I can't tell you enough how essential Samantha was to making our wedding day run so smoothly after all the chaos we had leading up to it! I was so at ease the whole day and was able to thoroughly enjoy myself the whole time :)

Another thing I want to add about Samantha is that she has a real eye for design. I sent her a ton of decorations we had put together and told her some specifics for where I wanted certain things, but mainly just let her creativity run wild and she did SUCH  great job making everything look perfect. She works with my florist (The Dainty Lion) a lot, so those two together decorating everything with the flowers and other decorations was a big win!" -Amanda [SLM Bride 2016]

"Samantha swept this mother of the bride off her feet!  I can't thank Sam enough for putting together the wedding of my daughter's dream together.  People would ask me how everything was going...now, living out of state this wasn't always an easy answer.  Samantha listened to ideas from my daughter, her fiancé, future mother in law and myself.  She put together an amazing event-leaving me speechless, thrilled, and more than happy...forever treasured memories.  Thank you. " -Andrea [SLM Mother of the Bride 2015]